Sample Management

Q1 Scientific offers a complete stability study sample management service. The Q1 Scientific QMS is set up to manage stability samples from the initial protocol development through to defining pull points and delivering samples to the laboratory for analysis. Clients are provided with full visibility of actual monitoring data and details on all their samples on stability

Storage Conditions
Storage Conditions

Unique Client Database

Each Q1 Scientific client has their own secure website through which they can access documentation and view environmental conditions for their own study samples. In addition, each client has a dedicated Study Calendar which details all study events, including ‘pull points’, duration and any special actions related to the stability study.

Q1 Scientific clients can access and manage all their stability study data remotely as if the samples were being stored on-site.

Collection & Delivery

Q1 Scientific uses pre-approved Logistics firms only, to transport samples to client or testing laboratories. For most types of samples, ambient transportation is adequate, however in the event of a requirement for specialised controlled transport, this can be arranged to suit the client.

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